Sequoia Project Healthcare Directory Implementation Guide
0.0.3 - CI Build US

Sequoia Project Healthcare Directory Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v0.0.3). See the Directory of published versions

Example Organization: Create Full Example 2

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "create-full-example2" Version "11" Updated "2021-10-22 06:06:14+0000"

Information Source: #Vda3zMaBODFjCHjS!

identifier: id: urn:oid: (OFFICIAL)

active: false

type: Other (Organization type#other)

name: EricXYZ Hospital

address: 200 Main St. Austin TX 2472 US (WORK)

partOf: Organization/create-full-example2 "EricXYZ Hospital"


*Family, Given(OFFICIAL), ph: 555-555-5555(WORK)100 Main St. Austin 78737 US (WORK)


Resource Endpoint ""

identifier: Home Community ID: urn:oid: (OFFICIAL)

status: active

connectionType: IHE XCPD (Details: code ihe-xcpd = 'IHE XCPD', stated as 'null')

name: Patient Discovery

payloadType: null (unknown)

payloadMimeType: application/xml


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